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A Tailored &
Holistic Approach to
Health & Fitness

Our programmes

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A Tailored Approach

Nobody likes to diet and for a reason: it can be boring, bland and unhealthy, and for most of us, it doesn’t work. It’s just not sustainable.

Lime & Zest create personalised nutrition programs that fit easily into your life and is full of foods that you enjoy preparing and eating.

Stay 'in the zone'

Are you ready to change and eat as well as exercise in a fun, interesting and productive way to meet your health and fitness goals? Let’s talk! 

Let’s talk about everything that matters to you! From you and your personal situation to your life goals and perhaps even about your financial and career goals to an extent. It does not have to be weight loss. It is about finding the right balance that gives you sustained the energy and the resilience you need to achieve your goals.

My Story

I'm Annelyse — thank you for visiting us! I founded Lime & Zest Wellness out of sheer frustration. I know it’s something you don’t typically want to hear from a company founder, but there’s a real story behind the concept I created for myself and that I want to share with you. Empowering you to care and be kind to yourself, take control of your life, not just from a health and fitness perspective, but also from an overall wellbeing and wellness perspective. 


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