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A Tailored and Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness

Nobody likes to diet and for a reason: it can be boring, bland and unhealthy, and for most of us, it doesn’t work. It’s just not sustainable.

Lime & Zest create personalised nutrition programs that fit easily into your life and is full of foods that you enjoy preparing and eating.


In just 8 weeks, a Lime & Zest Nutrition program will transform your understanding of food and nutrition and empower you to make food choices that maximise your overall wellbeing. You will feel leaner, stronger and more energised!

If your are you frustrated with dieting, fluctuating energy levels, not having the drive to do the things you love, or not being able to stay healthy and keep your weight stable then look no further! Lime & Zest Wellness offers a holistic approach to nutrition, wellness and fitness, giving you a ‘change plan’ for lifelong health, wellbeing and fitness according to your personal goals and preferences.

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