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Your Nutrition, Lifestyle
and Wellness Expert

We tailor our programs for each client individually based on lifestyle and work habits, family history, any medication they may be taking or existing health conditions they may have, and everything else which might influence their health, fitness and energy levels one way or another.

Kickstarting a new way of life begins with some recalibration of the way you eat, think about food and exercise, so we will never rush you right in to ‘xyz fitness program’ without first understanding your underlying needs and current health as well as lifestyle status.

Once we understand your goals and you current situation, we will define together a holistic program which caters to everything from fitness and nutrition to wellbeing and lifestyle. Every recommendation we make on food, exercise, and lifestyle – is based on the distance you are willing to go, your current situation. There’s only 1 limit, the limit you put yourself on your mind and body.

We will help you to mentally commit to each and every aspect, so that you can reach and exceed your goals. The program is limited in time and it does require 100% adherence for the full 8 weeks – no cheating!

But it’s worth it, I promise you! By the end of the program, you will have the necessary knowledge to make your own food choices and embrace a new way of eating. It is crucial that you think long-term, as the last thing I want for you is to call it a “diet plan”! It is a way of life!

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